Kirman “Joe” Broadbent

Idaho Project Development

Joe owns and operates the Washington-based Builders Construction Services Inc., a general engineering contracting firm that has worked in wind turbine generator construction and other construction projects for the past 25-35 years. 

Joe’s involvement with the wind industry began in 1980s with some of the industry’s pioneers, ranging from developers to IPPs and their wind generation projects throughout California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho and Montana including having played a major construction role in the 845 MW Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon. 

Joe’s firm is also involved in solid waste recycling, steel buildings, and other types of industrial construction.  In partnership with NRE, Joe leads the effort to identify the most suitable locations for new renewable development projects in Idaho and working landowners to secure them.  He also assists NRE with meteorological equipment installation and monitoring, on-site pre-construction activities, and with advancing environmental studies and permitting for NRE’s Idaho projects.