A deep industry knowledge base, a solutions-oriented approach and a focus on fairness, flexibility and a shared success make us an ideal partner.

We look for like-minded project developers and owners who value the power of partnership and trust where we can combine our technical and financial capabilities with the ambition to succeed in order to create long term successful outcomes.

We view each of our partnerships as a unique opportunity and therefore are flexible and creative in structuring the best partnership for all involved. By working closely to ensure a common definition of success from the onset of the relationship, we create strategies that align with the goals of each partner.

Our investment horizon is long term. We are not looking for quick results or market timing exits.

The following represent recent and successful NorthRenew collaborations:

Idaho Development Program

In 2018, NRE partnered with an Idaho-based renewable resource land development team that includes Joe Broadbent and John Steiner  to identify and secure sites in Idaho that are best suited for utility-scale renewable generation development.

Since 2018, this collaboration has allowed NRE to lease over 15,000 acres of private and public land in several Idaho locations for wind, solar generation and power storage development.  NRE believes these locations to be best positioned for future renewable energy development within Idaho and the WECC market more broadly.  NRE has obtained queue positions with Idaho Power and PacifiCorp for one of its more advanced project locations and intends to participate in the 2020 PacifiCorp RFP.

Nature’s Energy Group

In 2019, NRE partnered with Oklahoma-based renewable resource land development company Nature’s Energy Group (“NEG”), led by Brad Maroney and Rob Foley  to identify and secure sites in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Colorado that are best suited for utility-scale renewable generation development.  Since 2019, this collaboration has allowed NRE to assemble five utility-scale renewable energy projects in Missouri, Colorado, and Texas representing over 100,000 acres of leased land and potentially more than 1GW of capacity.  In 2020, NRE transferred ownership of two of these projects to Clearway Energy  and continues to assist Clearway in the development of these projects.  NRE continues independent development of the other Missouri and Colorado projects, and is also working with NEG on a number of Houston load zone solar sites. 

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